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people have the nerve to say frankie will use zach’s likability for attention (lol) but uh, take a look at the hgs evicted pre-jury


Lol Caleb talking about how someone tooted their own horn the whole game when they just showed a montage of him boosting his own ego and his parents talking about how he lies to make his stories better than the people around him. 


cody and victoria are both in final 3 because derrick wanted them there

bottom line



this part killed omg idk why but i laughed so hard watching this



did caleb really say he felt disrespected by frankie?

the same caleb who

  • said he attacks people for speaking Arabic
  • who said he wouldn’t let his child wear pink
  • who called frankie a queen
  • who uses homophobic slurs
  • who uses racist slurs
  • who called Obama a “Muslim monkey”


and what did frankie do that got him all in a huff? oh, he threatened his huge ego a little bit.

omg they are so cute <3_<3

I can’t wait to cuddle with you again tonight.



I love how karma works.
Zach trusted Frankie
Frankie trusted Caleb
Caleb trusted Derrick/Cody

Frankie got Zach evicted
Caleb got Frankie evicted
Derrick/Cody got Caleb evicted

And it actually ALL comes down to Derrick and Cody turning everyone against each other.

Good job derrick and cody tbh.